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On CSS Partnered with Savemart Supermarkets in 2014, CSS made a joint announcement with Save Mart. Save Mart and CSS have an Agreement in Principle for Save Mart to supply organic waste to CSS from all 225 of their stores under a long term contract we expect to negotiate in coming months. Save Mart Supermarkets have an existing organics separation program, and seek to improve store hygiene, improve the sustainability of their organics program, and reduce costs.

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In addition to SaveMart, CSS is also working with Nugget Markets, Inc.. These are supermarkets located in the Sacramento area which supply food residuals to the CSS facility in McClellan, CA. SaveMart and Nugget Market stores have organics separation program with CSS, with the aim to increase their recycling rate, improve store hygiene, and reduce costs. SaveMart and Nugget Markets have always been a leaders in sustainable practices, including organics recycling. As a result of CSS's operating efficiencies and quality finished product, CSS can offer supermarkets a better environmental solution for separating and recycling organics at a highly competitive price.

If you represent a supermarket company active in California, and would like to learn more about CSS, please contact us to arrange a meeting.


The results of the research performed at UC Davis demonstrate the safety and efficacy of Harvest-to-Harvest™ (H2H™). The pdf download below from the Journal of Cleaner Production, a reputable scientific journal, proves that each step of our H2H™ process eliminates pathogens which makes the end product 100% food safe. Click the link below to download the article.

A New Method for Converting Food Scraps (1620 KB)

As H2H™ gains acceptance in the agricultural community, CSS expects to add supermarket customers to expand and diversify its supply of food residuals.

Supermarket Containers

CSS has secured specialty containers, manufactured by Promens Inc. for use at Save Mart and Nugget Markets. They are double walled containers, designed to preserve the quality of food residuals, maintain store hygiene, and facilitate the recycling of organics by store personnel.

Supermarket Promens ContainerSupermarket Promens Container
CSS Supermarket Containers

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