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CSS produces high-quality, consistent liquid fertilizer solutions and blends to make your farming operation more productive and sustainable. All of our products are formulated with our flagship product, Harvest-to-Harvest™, as the base product of every formulation. Harvest-to-Harvest™ contains complex forms of nutrients, including: carbohydrates, amino acids (proteins), organic acids, and fats. These complex sources of nutrition are a great source of nutrition and energy for soil organisms and plants. Harvest-to-Harvest™ is also a great source of Organic Matter, and is 100% pathogen free and safe for use on all crops.

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K-Plex: The Organic Potassium Solution!
November 4, 2020

K-Plex Organic 0-0-8 is a pH-neutral, organic, agricultural potassium solution derived from sunflower ash that contains both potassium carbonate and potassium acetate. As it’s made completely from natural plant material - it’s both organic and environmentally-friendly. It’s well known that the availability and timing of potassium application is a critical element for plant growth - especially if you want to maximize your yield and improve fruit quality.

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