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Press Release: CSS Grand Opening at McClellan Business Park
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Press Release: UCD Helps Study “Fork-to-Farm” Fertilizer

California Safe Soil has worked with UC Davis researchers over the last few years to test the efficacy, efficiency and sustainability of their H2H liquid fertilizer product. As the company has progressed, so have the trials conducted with Professor Edwin Lewis and his team from the Department of Entomology and Nematology.

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The CSS Method For Converting Food Scraps Is Pathogen-Free, Enhances Agricultural Sustainability

California Safe Soil will move into a new facility in McClellan Park in Spring, 2016. Building a new facility to manufacture our H2H fertilizer is a significant move to having sustainable agriculture become a main staple at McClellan.

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H2H Trials Featured in Vegetables West Magazine

Read about our recent feature in Vegetables West magazine on strawberry trials conducted in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties that showed a significant increase in marketable strawberry yield and average marketable berry yield using our H2H fertilizer.

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Toyota Features California Safe Soil in new “Driving Innovation” Campaign

Watch Toyota, MadeMan and California Safe Soil’s collaboration that highlights the innovative process in which California Safe Soil converts food scraps into a liquid fertilizer.

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California Safe Soil's Company Overview

California Safe Soil's Company Overview

California Safe Soil is a fresh food recycler that increases the productivity of your farm at a low cost, while helping to improve the environment. We make the best use of food that supermarkets cannot sell or donate and turn it into our Harvest to Harvest (H2H) fertilizer which returns the nutrients to the soil and promotes sustainable agriculture. Increase your plant vigor and crop yields with California Safe Soil's H2H Fertilizer. Call or email us to find out what our products can do for your farm and sustainable agriculture.

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California Safe Soil's Harvest-to-Harvest™ liquid fertilizer product uses food scraps from supermarkets to bring nutrition right back into your crop's soil.