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What is Harvest-to-Harvest™ (H2H)?

Harvest-to-Harvest is a liquid fertilizer formulated with CSS’s recycled-food hydrolysates to produce effective, environmentally friendly, and economical means for improving soil health and increasing crop yields. Our “base” hydrolysates are made from Upcycled food recovered from supermarkets that has gone through our patented grinding, heating, and enzymatic digestion process. The resulting liquid is then pasteurized, stabilized, homogenized, and screened twice through 200 mesh filters – designed to work in all drip or micro-sprinkler applications.

Harvest-to-Harvest is a great way to add organic matter to your soil and stimulate soil fertility. It is designed to feed both the soil and crop with complex sources of nutrition. Harvest-to-Harvest is certified pathogen-free, safe to use on all crops, and is blended to make each application consistent, producing scientifically repeatable results for your crop. 

How Does Harvest-to-Harvest™ Work? 

Man pouring product into bins - CSS Food Waste Fertilizer Process

Harvest-to-Harvest adds readily available organic matter directly to the root zone of plants. It may be applied by any existing irrigation technology, which helps cycle nutrients in the root zone and utilize water more efficiently.

Harvest-to-Harvest contains macro-nutrients for plant growth plus amino acids, organic acids, and sugars that stimulate the soil fertility cycle. Harvest to-Harvest is readily consumed by soil organisms that stimulate root growth responses by the plants. Greater root growth and nutrient uptake promote enhanced plant vigor. 

Improve Your Crop’s Soil with Harvest-to-Harvest 

University and Third-Party Research have shown that Harvest-to-Harvest can improve soil quality through increased microbial activity, leading to accelerated nutrient release and in turn, enhancement of the plant’s ability to take up key macronutrients like Nitrogen and Phosporous.

Benefits of H2H Applications: 

  • Adds to the soil amino acids, organic acids, and sugars - fundamental building blocks to aggressively grow soil microbiology
  • Adds readily available labile carbon to the rootzone as a food source for soil microbes
  • The high-quality carbon source and low C:N organic matter directly influences the growth of soil microbiology within the rootzone 
  • Buffers the effects of environmental stress (salt, heat, etc.) 
  • Releases nutrients from soil organic matter and soil amendments

Kick-up the impact of your fertilizer with H2H Accelerate (1-1-0)

Designed to be blended and applied each time you fertilize

Harvest-to-Harvest (H2H™) Accelerate is an effective and environmentally-friendly liquid fertilizer that’s formulated with CSS recycled-food hydrolysates. It contains everything you need to improve soil health, increase crop yields, and strengthen root growth. 

How does it work? 

H2H Accelerate adds amino acids, sugars, and other organic acids to both the plant and soil microbiome. These readily available carbon and nitrogen sources stimulate a diverse range of soil microbiology that provide a number of benefits, including an increase in nutrient cycling in applied soils. 

Applications of H2H Accelerate have proven to: 

  • Increase root growth 
  • Increase stress tolerance
  • Provide yield improvement
  • Improve soil health by increasing microbial activity /diversity in applied soils 

Application Rate: 2- 4 gallons an acre applied during every fertilization. 

H2H Accelerate blends easily with most conventional fertilizers, making it incredibly easy to use.

H2H Accelerate 1-1-0
Our core biostimulant product designed to be blended with conventional agriculture inputs. Formulated with recycled-food hydrolysates, Adding amino acids, organic acids, organic matter, and sugars to aggressively grow soil microbiology and make the most of every nutrition application. 
H2H Basic Blend 6-1-0
Additional nitrogen nutrition to boost plant growth.
H2H Special Blend 3-1-0
Specially formulated with humic acids to reduce salt stress. Excellent stress reducer to increase yields in non-determinant plants like table grapes, wine grapes, tomatoes, or strawberries.
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