K-Plex: The Organic Potassium Solution!

November 4, 2020

K-Plex Organic 0-0-8: Add Potassium Efficiently

K-Plex helps plants absorb potassium more efficiently, helping your crops grow and become stronger, quicker. The higher the availability of potassium for your plants, the greater your productivity is, and the higher your crop yield will be.    

It’s well known that the availability and timing of potassium application is a critical element for plant growth - especially if you want to maximize your yield and improve fruit quality.

Thanks to K-Plex’s neutral pH and low salt index, you can avoid leaf-burn when it’s applied by foliar spray.

To efficiently deliver plant-available potassium, it’s all about the chemistry. Rigorous testing has shown that K-plex has what it takes by being:

  • Neutral-pH
  • Low salt index
  • A mix of potassium carbonates and potassium acetate

These attributes make K-Plex the most efficient way to deliver plant-available potassium to any organic certified crop.

What are the advantages of K-Plex?

There are many benefits to using K-Plex Organic 0-0-8, including:

  • Improved fruit-set and flowering in berries and other fruit crops
  • Low-salt index which helps with plant absorption and avoids leaf burn
  • Easily applied and can be blended with other products
  • Has both nutrition and bio-stimulant benefits

The Impact of Foliar Potassium Application

Potassium helps form and move starches, sugars, and fats in your plants.

It helps you manage fruit quality effectively - you have better control over the size, color, taste, and shelf life of your product.

Scientifically Proven, Grower-Approved.

A recent study by Holden Research on the effects of K-Plex on strawberry plants showed substantial yield improvement and resulted in a higher yield compared to the Grower Standard.

The research showed:

  • A yield increase of 192 flats/acre during the period of the trial
  • Available potassium mobilized into the fruit, resulting in higher BRIX
  • Additionally, fruit was measurably larger with a higher percent of marketable berries to total berries picked

CSS PA in Strawberries - Ventura County - Winter 2020 - Cumulative Marketable Production by Pick Day

How To Use K-Plex

K-Plex Organic is fine-filtered below 25 microns and can be applied through any liquid application method including:

  • Sprayed directly onto soil or plants with other fertilizing materials
  • Banding equipment
  • Irrigation / fertigation systems
  • Drip lines

How To Store And Handle K-Plex

Keep your K-Plex Organic stored in its original container. Don’t mix it with other fertilizing products or pesticides while it’s in storage as this could affect its shelf life.

During the winter months, move your K-Plex to an area that is protected from freezing temperatures as this could damage the product.

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