H2H™ Fertilizer

May 13, 2014

H2H™ is a liquid soil amendment that is screened to ~100 microns. That means it can be applied to farm acreage by drip lines, irrigation (fertigation), spray tank, foliar spray—or watering can. H2H™ is processed under scientifically controlled conditions. It is pasteurized, screened, stabilized and laboratory tested, to assure that the contents are free of pathogens (like E. coli and salmonella), heavy metals and other undesirable materials. Individual batches are blended, to assure that the product is consistent, from one purchase to the next.

Simply dilute H2H™ 10:1 with water when you are ready to apply it to your crops or garden. It immediately becomes active, providing the same nutrients to soil organisms that are in the human diet. Initial test results show that H2H™ works both as a fertilizer, to improve crop yield and quality, and as a soil amendment, to increase soil organic material, soil tilth, and soil water retention capacity. Healthy soil organisms can contribute to plant health, encouraging plant growth and offering plants protection against pests and diseases.

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