CSS Proprietary Technology

May 13, 2014

The patent pending CSS aerobic, enzymatic digestion technology is uniquely different from existing organic composting techniques and alternative digestive processes. First, CSS’s digestive process is 720 times more efficient than composting which typically takes 3 months to complete. By not letting the food rot, CSS is able to harness the full capabilities and benefits of the unsold food and drastically reduce the potential risks of harboring pathogens while maintaining significant benefits to the soil. You may have heard of anaerobic (i.e., without oxygen) digestion of organics to produce methane, or "Biogas." Biogas is a low btu alternative to natural gas, and is an energy source. It has nothing to do with H2H™. CSS uses an aerobic (i.e., with oxygen) process which produces a safe and effective fertilizer for agricultural use.

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