CSS Founder Dan Morash Spoke on Innovators Panel at ReFED Roadmap Launch

March 17, 2016

On March 9, 2016, Dan Morash, founder of CSS, spoke on the innovators panel at ReFED Roadmap launch at Stanford. The ReFED Roadmap is an incredible analytical platform that maps US food waste and as well as methods for combatting it. With 40% of food going to waste each year in the US ($218 billion), ecological sustainability is is at the forefront of ReFED's mission to "Rethink Food Waste." The ReFED Roadmap found that within a decade, the US can cut food waste by over 20%, better the economy, reduce the use of national freshwater, double the number of meals for the hungry, and reduce nearly 18 million tons of greenhouse gases with solutions outlined in the report. 

Click here to read the full report from ReFED.

In a recent article on AgFunder News highlighting the major points of ReFed's Roadmap, CSS founder Dan Morash reacts to the 27 solutions put forth by ReFed to reduce waste by123. million tons.

“They have a few ideas that are high value, low volume, and then anaerobic digestion and composting, which are low value, high volume,” he told AgFunderNews. “We’re a high value, high volume potential solution. We’re still working on getting recognition for our value proposition, but we’ve been selling a lot of product to various growers, mostly by word of mouth. It’s a matter of time — we’ll see how it goes.”

Click here to read the full article on AgFunder News

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