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Board Members

Justin Kamine

Justin is representing the Kamine Development Corporation (KDC) investment into California Safe Soil. Justin currently works for KDC Solar a company that was founded by KDC and is ..
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David D. McKerroll

David was one of the founders of Newcourt Credit Group, a publicly traded international commercial finance company that provided financial products and advisory services. Mr. M..
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David Morash

David has extensive executive and financial leadership experience with several technology and clean-tech start-up companies, including raising venture capital equity and debt finan..
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Walt Pounds

Walt worked in the information technology industry for over 30 years in financial and general management roles. Early in his career he was employed at Digital Equipment Corp. and S..
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Mikael Salovaara

Mikael was a Partner at Goldman Sachs where he ran the Broad Street LBO Fund and the South Street workout Fund. He graduated from Dartmouth College and earned a joint JD/MBA at UVA..
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Alan Wurtzel

Alan is the former CEO of Circuit City Stores. For the decade of the 80s and beyond, it was among the best performing companies on the New York Stock Exchange. That accomplishm..
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