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California Safe Soil Webinar for Processing & Fresh Market Tomato Growers

On February 25th, California Safe Soil teamed up with the Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology (WG CIT) to conduct a webinar in the new WG CIT conference room. The webinar was tailored to fresh market and processing tomato growers...

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The CSS Method For Converting Foodwaste Is Pathogen-Free, Enhances Agricultural Sustainability

California Safe Soil will move into a new facility in McClellan Park in Spring, 2016. Building a new facility to manufacture our H2H fertilizer is a significant move to having sustainable agriculture become a main staple at McClellan.

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CSS Founder Dan Morash Interviewed on Haneybiz's Entrepreneurs Unlimited Radio Show

Recent interview on Haneybiz features founder Dan Morash talking about what we do here at Cal Safe Soil and what the future holds.

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CSS Founder Dan Morash Spoke on Innovators Panel at ReFED Roadmap Launch

On March 9, 2016, Dan Morash, founder of CSS, spoke on the innovators panel at ReFED Roadmap launch at Stanford. The ReFED Roadmap is an incredible analytical platform that maps US food waste and as well as methods for combatting it. With 40% of food going to waste each year in the US ($218 billion), ecological sustainability is is at the forefront of ReFED's mission to "Rethink Food Waste." The ReFED Roadmap found that within a decade, the US can cut food waste by over 20%, better the economy, reduce the use of national freshwater, double the number of meals for the hungry, and reduce nearly 18 million tons of greenhouse gases with solutions outlined in the report.

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California Safe Soil's Company Overview

California Safe Soil is a fresh food recycler that increases the productivity of your farm at a low cost, while helping to improve the environment. We make the best use of food that supermarkets cannot sell or donate and turn it into our Harvest to Harvest (H2H) fertilizer which returns the nutrients to the soil and promotes sustainable agriculture. Increase your plant vigor and crop yields with California Safe Soil's H2H Fertilizer. Call or email us to find out what our products can do for your farm and sustainable agriculture.

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