Fertilizer From Food: H2H™

We make fertilizer - Harvest-to-Harvest™, or H2H™ - from food. Not the old way, through composting - the new way, through digestion with enzymes, in a scientifically controlled environment. Composting takes 3 months. Digestion takes only 3 hours, so we are 720 times more efficient than composting. We are able to pasteurize, screen, stabilize, preserve, blend and laboratory test H2H™ before we send it to our customers. That way, we assure a safe, consistently high quality product, at low cost.

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We have constructed a Pilot Plant in West Sacramento, CA. Safeway Inc. and Nugget Markets have agreed to supply our Pilot Plant with unsold food. Dr. Edwin Lewis, a soil scientist at the University of California at Davis, is conducting independent research on H2H™ at his Laboratory. Our Pilot Plant digests food, essentially the same way the human digestive system works. H2H™ is composed of amino acids, simple sugars, fatty acids and minerals - the same nutrients that human beings depend on for life. Soil is home to a vast network of organisms that will benefit from these nutrients. These organisms - everything from bacteria and fungi to worms - evolved co-dependently with plants. Their health contributes to plant health, and vice versa. Conventional chemical fertilizers, measured in terms of N-P-K (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium), feed the plants, but don't improve the soil. H2H™ addresses this shortcoming, offering everyone from the commercial farmer to the home lawn and gardener:

  • Lower costs for comparable or better yields
  • Quality crops
  • Resistance to pests and diseases
  • Sharply reduced runoff of nitrates into the water supply
  • Increased water retention in the soil through the build-up of organic matter

What We Do

H2H™ Fertilizer

H2H™ is a liquid soil amendment that is screened to ~100 microns. That means it can be applied to farm acreage by drip lines, irrigation (fertigation), spray tank, foliar spray - or watering can. H2H™ is processed under scientifically controlled conditions. It is pasteurized, screened, stabilized and laboratory tested, to assure that the contents are free of pathogens (like E. coli and salmonella), heavy metals and other undesirable materials. Individual batches are blended, to assure that the product is consistent, from one purchase to the next.

Simply dilute H2H™ 10:1 with water when you are ready to apply it to your crops or garden. It immediately becomes active, providing the same nutrients to soil organisms that are in the human diet. Initial test results show that H2H™ works both as a fertilizer, to improve crop yield and quality, and as a soil amendment, to increase soil organic material, soil tilth, and soil water retention capacity. Healthy soil organisms can contribute to plant health, encouraging plant growth and offering plants protection against pests and diseases.

CSS Proprietary Technology

The patent pending CSS aerobic, enzymatic digestion technology is uniquely different from existing organic composting techniques and alternative digestive processes. First, CSS's digestive process is 720 times more efficient than composting which typically takes 3 months to complete. By not letting the food rot, CSS is able to harness the full capabilities and benefits of the unsold food and drastically reduce the potential risks of harboring pathogens while maintaining significant benefits to the soil. You may have heard of anaerobic (i.e., without oxygen) digestion of organics to produce methane, or "Biogas." Biogas is a low btu alternative to natural gas, and is an energy source. It has nothing to do with H2H™. CSS uses an aerobic (i.e., with oxygen) process which produces a safe and effective fertilizer for agricultural use.


2013 Strawberry Trials

Strawberry Trials in fall of 2013 duplicated spring 2013 results for tray production using comparable methods and different fields and nursery systems. There was significant increase in tray production over the fall growing season.


2013 Strawberry Trials

Strawberry Trials in spring of 2013 compared Grower standard strawberry plants to H2H™ and H2H™/Grower's Standard 50:50 showed significant tray production increase per acre over the growing season for two different levels of H2H amendment.

H2H™ Trial

Interested in testing H2H™ on your crops, please email us. We would love to hear from you.

UC Davis Research

Click here to learn about the research California Safe Soil is conducting with Dr. Edwin Lewis at UC Davis.

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