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CSS Teams up with Kemin Industries to Create Sustainable Pet Food Ingredients from Upcycled Fruits & Vegetables

Global ingredient manufacturer Kemin Industries is working with CSS’s innovative grocery recovery and proprietary Harvest to Harvest technology to create sustainable pet food ingredients from upcycled fruits and vegetables.

McCLELLAN, California, January 11, 2021 /Businesswire/ --

Every year, up to 40% of food in the U.S. is wasted, at a cost of over $200 billion. For this reason, Kemin Nutrisurance, the pet food and rendering technologies business unit of Kemin Industries, is bringing together its scientific expertise and industry-leading pet food solutions with CSS’s innovative food recovery processes and technologies. Together, the two companies aim to develop high-quality, environmentally sustainable products that are safe, shelf-stable, tasty and nutritious for the rapidly growing pet food market.

Since its founding in 2012, CSS has been dedicated to reducing food waste by bringing new life to food. CSS is leading the way by recovering unsold fruits, vegetables and meats and converting them into valuable products before the food perishes. CSS has introduced and perfected its patented Harvest to Harvest technology to collect and repurpose recovered food from supermarkets and other food recovery partners.

Kemin Nutrisurance provides industry-leading solutions for pet food stability, safety, palatability and nutrition. Using scientific expertise and innovative technologies, Kemin Nutrisurance partners with pet food manufacturers and renderers across the globe to solve challenges through every step of the pet food supply chain.

Commitment to Sustainability

CSS and Kemin share a commitment to sustainable, scientific solutions to reduce global food waste in a meaningful way. Kemin and CSS will produce pet food ingredients that – in addition to being sustainable – are safe, healthy, tasty and nutritious for pets.

“Pet parents are increasingly demanding natural and sustainable solutions for their companion animals. We are excited to leverage CSS’s innovative grocery recovery and Harvest to Harvest technology with our commitment to providing safe and sustainable pet food ingredients that improve pet nutrition, health and wellbeing. This is an exciting step in offering our industry new solutions to address the ever-changing needs of pets and pet parents, backed by our promise that Kemin is Assurance.” – Yannick Riou, President of Kemin Nutrisurance.

“We are thrilled to share with Kemin the commitment to being good stewards of our environment through first-rate science and technology. Kemin’s technical expertise and market-leading position will prove invaluable in producing high-quality, consistent products that pet parents can trust. Kemin is the ideal partner to help us achieve this goal.” – Dan Morash, Founder and CEO of CSS.

About Kemin Industries

Kemin Industries (www.kemin.com) is a global ingredient manufacturer that strives to sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80 percent of the world with its products and services. The company supplies over 500 specialty ingredients for human and animal health and nutrition, pet food, aquaculture, nutraceutical, food technologies, crop technologies and textile industries.

For over half a century, Kemin has been dedicated to using applied science to address industry challenges and offer product solutions to customers in more than 120 countries. Kemin provides ingredients to feed a growing population with its commitment to the quality, safety and efficacy of food, feed and health-related products.

Established in 1961, Kemin is a privately held, family-owned-and-operated company with more than 2,800 global employees and operations in 90 countries, including manufacturing facilities in Belgium, Brazil, China, India, Italy, Russia, San Marino, Singapore, South Africa and the United States.

Media Contact: Alberto Muñoz, Marketing Director, alberto.munoz@kemin.com, +1 (515) 559-5147

About CSS

CSS (CSS), the leader in sustainable food recovery technology, is commercializing its breakthrough Harvest to Harvest™ technology to recover food from supermarkets and other sources to produce proprietary fertilizer and pet food ingredient products. CSS preserves the “cold chain” to recover food before it becomes waste and upcycles food for beneficial and productive use. CSS’s technology reduces greenhouse gas emissions, provides nutritious, healthy pet food ingredients, and improves the sustainability of the global food supply system.

Media Contact: Mark Bauer, Chief Marketing Officer, mark.bauer@calsafesoil.com +1 (925) 787-5143