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The Joys of Demolition
Monday, January 25, 2016

The Joys of Demolition

Hello and Welcome Back!

Our Press Release announcing the construction of our new commercial facility at McClellan Business Park was issued January 11th and construction officially began January 12th. Demolition was the first step. In order to start new, you have to get rid of the old and there was a LOT of old due to the warehouse’s former use as an Air Force Base for 66 years. Old wiring, dilapidated office ceilings, windows, walls and insulation, dated gas lines and internal piping and disconnected airways and ventilation systems—all of which needed to be removed or replaced. The first few weeks were spent tending to these renovations. After the office space and bathrooms were gutted and the new piping and digester were delivered, we were able to move on to the next phase of the project. 

The Joys of Demolition

Future Office Space(Above, January 25th, 2016)

The Joys of Demolition      

First Processing Line (Above).

In one year, this one processing line will allow us to convert 8,000 tons of food waste into 650,000 gallons of our nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer product, Harvest-to-Harvest (H2H). The entire facility has enough space for 4 processing lines. That's 32,000 tons of food waste being converted into liquid fertilizer a year!                


New Digester (Above. 8x the size of the one at our pilot plant!). In only 3 hours, this digester heats, mechanically grinds and mixes the enzymes to convert the recycled food we collect from grocery stores into our nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer, H2H. Did we mention the pasteurization stage leaves our final product 100% food safe?    

Stay tuned to see our progress!   

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