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The End is in Sight!
Thursday, May 19, 2016

The End is in Sight!

Welcome Back!

As we approach the final stage of construction, we can see the time, energy and labor of the last 5 months come to fruition. Constructing a commercial facility of this magnitude is no small feat, yet with the incredible construction team at the helm, the colossal undertaking is nearing completion, and the team at California Safe Soil could not be more grateful for the hard work and dedication that the crews have contributed to this project.

All of the new equipment has been moved into the McClellan facility. The picture below provides a sense of perspective when you compare the man assembling the machinery to the individual piece that will eventually become part of the assembly line. 

Conveyor Belt

The assembly line will allow for a greater amount of larger contaminants to be detected by sorters and will also include a high precision metal detector that will stop the conveyor belt when metal pieces are detected. As noted in earlier blog posts, this first assembly line will be able to transfer 8,000 tons of food scraps into the digester over the course of a year. The warehouse will eventually contain a total of 4 digestion lines, which will allow for 32,000 tons of food scraps to be converted per year into Harvest-to-Harvest fertilizer. That’s an incredible amount of food scraps!


Below is an image of the new digester and the strainer, which is the cylindrical piece of equipment located in the bottom right of the photo. The digester will have two hydraulic lids on the top that can be mechanically operated by an employee.

CSS Digester

One of the motors used to operate the various components of the digestion line is shown below. As you can see, the size of these motors is quite measurable. However, believe it or not, the energy consumption of our new commercial facility is relatively minimal in comparison to the size of the facility  and will eventually be offset by photovoltaic sources.

CSS Digester Motor

Next step is to connect all of the individual pieces of machinery! Stay tuned to see the final steps.



The CSS Team