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Can You Dig It?
Friday, March 18, 2016

Can You Dig It?

Happy Thursday!

We are breaking some serious ground at McClellan and moving full speed ahead. The trenches for the sewage and water systems are nearing completion, creating a Venetian style canal system (minus the water) along the left side of the warehouse (see below).

Drainage System

California Safe Soil prides itself on its level of efficiency and sustainability. Although "sustainability" can be considered a generalized term by some, we like to think that our low water and energy use, coupled with our ability to produce zero effluent waste and noxious odors, fit under the sustainability umbrella. The food we are processing is roughly 75% water, allowing it to easily breakdown into a slurry that doesn’t necessitate additional water. Furthermore, the processing equipment we use is the same food processing equipment found in large commercial food manufacturing facilities, so the energy consumed is similar to, if not less than, the average amount of energy used to produce popular food products.

Another system we have added to our new facility that enhances our sustainability efforts is a clarifier (See picture below). The totes and buggies used to transport the food from the grocery store to our facility are cleaned before they are returned to the stores. The clarifier is located at the end of this cleaning station and once the containers are washed, the water is collected in a large tank. In this tank, the remaining food particles sink to the bottom and the cleaner water is then released into the sewer system; thus, the clarifier acts as a filtration system to prevent suspended solids from entering the public sewage system. 

H2O Clarifier 2





On the production side, Phase 1, which is the construction of the first processing line, will enable us to convert 8,000 tons of food scraps into 165,000 gallons of nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer. That magnitude of product requires a large amount of storage space. Luckily, the new commercial facility is 80,000 square feet, providing us with the ability to implement fourteen 72,000 gallon storage tanks. You can see one of these colossal storage tanks in the picture below. Now imagine 14 of them!

Storage Tank

Well, construction is still plugging along and we are still on track to open in mid-May. For now, I'm wrapping up this post with a picture of Mark Bauer, Director of Business Development, Dan Morash, Founder, and two California Safe Soil investors who have supported the company from the beginging and made the construction of this new plant possible. Stay tuned for the next construction update!

Mark Mikael Dan John


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