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From a Pilot Plant to a Commercial Facility
Friday, January 15, 2016

California Safe Soil -- From Pilot Plant to a Commercial Facility

Welcome to California Safe Soil’s first blog post!

This blog will serve as a way to keep you informed about the exciting (and rapid!) changes and developments that are taking place on the construction site of our new commercial-scale plant at McClellan Business Park. We want to capture the incredible progress being made as our new plant evolves before our eyes and would like to invite you along for the journey.

As this is the first blog post, I’d like to start with a little background information on California Safe Soil (CSS). CSS converts food from supermarkets that can no longer be sold or donated into a nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer called Harvest-to-Harvest (H2H) that is currently being used on commercial farms throughout California. To convert the vegetables, fruits, meats and bakery goods we obtain from supermarkets into our final H2H product, we use heat, mechanical action and enzymes. In just a 3 hour process, we are able to eliminate waste, cut GHG emissions, increase crop yields and improve the sustainability of agriculture.

The company was founded 4 years ago by Dan Morash and has operated at pilot-scale in a 4,000 square foot space since its establishment. Over these past few years, CSS has demonstrated the environmental, operational and agronomic feasibility of its aerobic enzymatic digestion process and the proven success has enabled the transition from a pilot plant to a commercial-scale facility.

McClellan Air Force Base was transformed into McClellan Business Park in 2003 and now provides a unique corporate community within Sacramento. As new tenants of the Business Park, not only does it mean that we can continue to operate and give back to the local Sacramento community, but it also shortens the length of our construction time due to the vast warehouse space already in place.

With a target opening date of Spring 2016, this new 80,000-square foot location will generate 38 “green collar” jobs and produce enough H2H for 128,000 acres of sustainable local California agriculture. It will also produce 3,200 tons of feed for sustainably-raised local California livestock, while reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions by 74,000 MTCO2e, which is equivalent to taking 15,000 cars off the road. The new Facility has a small environmental footprint, with no significant air emissions, liquid effluent, solid wastes, or nuisance odors, and will recycle essentially 100% of the organics it takes in.

We are all very excited over here at California Safe Soil and hope you are too!


CSS Staff