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Building Up and Out
Friday, February 26, 2016

Building Up and Out

Welcome Back! 

Although the warehouse space at our pilot plant is 4,000 square feet, the current front office consists of a conference room, one smaller office, two restrooms and the office manager’s desk by the entrance. Needless to say, no one has ever been lost trying to get from point A to point B. However, the size and space are about to drastically change when we move to our 80,000 square feet commercial facility at McClellan Business Park. We may not get lost, but we might get winded!

Conference Room 

(From Left to Right: Mark Bauer, Director of Business Development;
Jaime Olivarez, Field Agronomist; Dan Morash, Founder)

This is the current office at our pilot plant (Above). We are usually meeting with various growers throughout California or attending conferences, seminars, workshops and expos, but on the rare occasion that we are all in the office, it certainly is a full house!


When I visited the site today, the frames of the offices, lab and break room were being assembled and you could gain a better understanding for the final shape and spacing of the individual offices (Above).

The picture below shows the laboratory and break room. The lab is used to analyze, test and record every batch of Harvest-to-Harvest that we produce to ensure consistency and food safety


Additionally, a massive wall was being erected that separates the two sides of the vast warehouse, distinguishing production from storage. The image below is taken from the back of the warehouse looking towards the front. You can see the faint skeleton of the wall spanning the width of the warehouse. Also notice the new trenches! Stick around to hear more about our elaborate trench digging in the next post!



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