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In addition to our expanding line of crop nutrition products, CSS is excited to take a step into pet nutrition products. CSS is working with Kemin Nutrisurance, the pet food and rendering technologies business unit of Kemin Industries (www.kemin.com), to explore the development of ingredients that can be used in palatants and other ingredients in companion animal foods. Established in 1961, Kemin is a privately held, family-owned-and-operated company with more than 2,800 global employees and operations in 90 countries. Kemin Nutrisurance provides industry-leading solutions for pet food stability, safety, palatability and nutrition.

Kemin and CSS have jointly applied their research efforts towards high quality pet food inputs. Kemin has identified CSS’s patented Harvest to Harvest™ technology and input handling as a compelling solution to sustainably improve pet nutrition – as well as satisfying the quality demands of modern pet parents. In this relationship, Kemin will provide formulation expertise to explore the formulation of said pet food ingredients. In turn, CSS will continue to collect and upycle foodstuffs.

The consumer market for pet foods has been going through significant changes. Consumers are expressing their preferences for purchasing high quality products that improve the health and well-being of their pets. CSS patented Harvest to Harvest™ technology delivers on these demands:

  • CSS utilizes only foodstuffs that have been USDA approved for human consumption. This answers the consumer preference for knowing the origin of inputs into pet foods
  • CSS protects the “cold chain” from the grocery store to its manufacturing process, ensuring consistent, reliable quality inputs
  • CSS’s patented Harvest to Harvest™ technology delivers important value and health benefits to pet foods compared to other pet food ingredients, including:
    • Nutrients are more readily available
    • The flavor profiles are enhanced and
    • More readily digestible products reduce the chances of pets having allergic reactions to food – even for more sensitive pets
  • CSS Harvest to Harvest™ technology delivers the nutrition from a wide range of healthful fruits and vegetables – a characteristic desired by pet parents
  • Improving palatability is key in pet foods
    • Greater palatability means the pets feed regularly, ensuring the nutrition and health of the pet – not to mention the pet parents’ satisfaction with feeding their pets products that they readily consume
    • Delivering food in a readily digestible form is shown to improve the growth, resistance to disease and health of pets

Partnering with Kemin’s deep capability in R&D, understanding of consumer demands, market leadership and robust marketing expertise, CSS looks forward to providing products that improve the nutrition and health of companion animals as well as satisfying the demands of today’s pet parents.

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