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CSS Organic Liquid Fertilizer

Organic Liquid Fertilizer


CSS manufactures a version of Harvest-to-Harvest™ that is registered for use in organic food production - Harvest-to-Harvest™ Organic.

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Organic Registration

Harvest-to-Harvest™ Organic is soil applied, and can be applied through any type of irrigation equipment, including: pivot systems, solid-set sprinklers, drip line, and low pressure drip tape. CSS recommends a minimum dilution rate of 4:1 with water when applying through high-pressure sprinkler systems. For drip line and drip tape, Harvest-to-Harvest™ should be water run and applied at .5 – 3% final line dilution directly into the main manifold. For smaller drip systems that are 300GPM and less, we recommend that Harvest-to-Harvest™ be diluted 4:1 minimum prior to injection. Please consult your CSS sales or technical sales rep to get more information on application and dilution rates.

Harvest-to-Harvest™ Organic is also available blended with a variety of registered organic inputs, to provide complete solutions for soil and plant nutrition.

Base Products

Harvest-to-Harvest™ Organic Liquid Fertilizer

Harvest-to-Harvest™ Organic is a registered organic for use as a crop input for organic food production stabilized food hydrolysate that is derived from recycled supermarket organics. The term “food hydrolysate” simply indicates that it is the product of the digestion of food with enzymes into a liquid fertilizer. Harvest-to-Harvest™ contains complex forms of nutrients, including: carbohydrates, amino acids (proteins), organic acids, and fats. These complex sources of nutrition are a great source of nutrients and energy for soil organisms and plants.

Harvest-to-Harvest™ Organic is also a great source of Organic Matter (20 – 25%), that can be applied through any existing irrigation equipment due to its small particle size (26 micron average ; 74 micron maximum). This small particle size along with its low C:N ratio make the organic matter readily consumable by soil organisms. This readily consumable organic matter contributes to nutrient mineralization, increased root mass, more efficient nutrient uptake, and provides greater water holding capacity in the soil with repeated applications.

Harvest-to-Harvest™ is 100% pathogen free and safe for use on all crops.


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