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“Harvest-to-Harvest™ Organic is a source of organic Nitrogen in amino acid form and provides active organic matter”CSS manufactures a version of Harvest-to-Harvest™ that is registered for use in organic food production - Harvest-to-Harvest™ Organic. Harvest-to-Harvest™ Organic is a source of organic Nitrogen in amino acid form and provides active organic matter that will help stimulate microbial activity and promote soil fertility. This active organic matter also contributes to nutrient mineralization, more efficient nutrient uptake, and provides greater water holding capacity in the soil with repeated applications.

Harvest-to-Harvest™ Organic is available blended with a variety of registered organic inputs to provide liquid solutions that provide complete plant and soil nutrition at reduced application rates and costs. Please see our Products page for more information.

What is Harvest-to-Harvest Organic?

Harvest-to-Harvest™ Organic is a registered organic liquid fertilizer and soil amendment that is made from recycled food from supermarkets. It is made by mechanically grinding, heating, and enzymatically digesting the food. The resulting liquid is then pasteurized, screened, stabilized, and homogenized to a average particle size of 26 microns (74 micron max particle size). Harvest-to-Harvest™ is a great way to add organic matter to your soil and stimulate soil fertility. Harvest-to-Harvest™ is registered pathogen free and safe to use on all crops. It is blended to make each application consistent, and to produce scientifically repeatable results.

How is Harvest-to-Harvest Organic applied?

Harvest-to-Harvest™ Organic is a soil applied liquid fertilizer that can be applied through any type of irrigation equipment, including: pivot systems, solid-set sprinklers, drip line, and low pressure drip tape. CSS recommends a minimum dilution rate of 4:1 with water when applying through high-pressure sprinkler systems. For drip line and drip tape, Harvest-to-Harvest™ should be water run and applied at .5 – 3% final line dilution directly into the main manifold. For smaller drip systems that are 300GPM and less, we recommend that Harvest-to-Harvest™ be diluted 4:1 minimum prior to injection. Please consult your CSS sales or technical sales rep to get more information on application and dilution rates.

What types of registrations does Harvest-to-Harvest Organic have?

Harvest-to-Harvest™ Organic is a NOP compliant, registered organic crop input for use in organic food production, through a registration by the WSDA (Washington State Department of Agriculture) Organic Food Program. The WSDA Organic Food program is an accredited NOP (National Organic Program) certifying agency. To learn more visit the WSDA Organic Food Program website here.

Harvest-to-Harvest™ Organic can be found on both the WSDA Organic Food Programs’ and the CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) approved material lists. Currently, CSS is in the process of obtaining additional registration by the CDFA (California Department of Food and Agriculture) and OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute).

To obtain a copy of our organic registration, visit our organic liquid fertilizer page.

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